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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
Abigail Anna Gibbs
Przeczytane:: 95/511 stron
Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett

Mroczna bohaterka

Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem - Abigail Anna Gibbs

strona 31 z 511- Póki co, jest kiepsko. Dialogi sa drewniane, a dwustuletni książę wampirów zachowuje się jak nastolatek dręczący małe zwierzątka.

strona 95 z 511- nie wiem, kiedy czytałam tak źle napisaną książkę. Między rozdziałami nie ma ciągłości, to połączona główną bohaterką seria epizodów. W jednym Violet nie ma pojęcia kim jest król, w drugim już się znają. Powieść debiutowała na wattpadzie i pewnie tam nie dało się tego tak zauważyć. Ale w wersji drukowanej… gdzie podział się redaktor?

So I won...

Yay, I won a book here on Booklikes :).

Also, I placed my first order on Book Depository, we'll see how it goes.

Oh, that question

The question is, do I need another blog? Even if it's in English?

Wilk w owczej skórze

Wilk w owczej skórze - Aneta Jadowska Dość naiwna historia, w stylu serialu telewizyjnego.
Rozbawiła mnie zwłaszcza scena, w której Dora po pierwszym rzucie oka na miejsce zbrodni, precyzyjnie opisuje, co się wydarzyło. No, ale skoto wystarczy obejrzeć kilka odcinków Dextera :]
Bite - Angela Knight, Laurell K. Hamilton, MaryJanice Davidson, Charlaine Harris, Vickie Taylor Quite nice, if fluffy and a bit silly summer read.
I liked Harris's story the best,and putting HAmilton's story first was a brilliant move- all the others seem so much better in compare.
Escaping Reality - Lisa Renee Jones I'm really on the fence with this one.
The beginning is rough, but after a few pages it gets better and we are plunged in a erotic movie kind of scenario, two stranger in the airport exchanging glances and so on. And since I know where all of these should lead, I didn't care too much about strange behavior (Liam laughing at strangest moments). And sex scenes are well done, and I like how Amy was honest with herself and the reader, not mistaking lust for love.
But then Escaping reality tried to be a mystery/thriller novel and it failed. The mystery surrounding Amy is overdone, she's constantly scarred, complaining about her life, about the mysterious threat, but the reader gets no explanation. The unknown danger is fine in the beginning, but after reading the whole book, I still have no idea what's going on.
And I feel like I've read only the first half of the book, not the first book in a series.

And all those Fifty shades of Grey cliches... Honestly, why all these guys need to be improbably young and rich? Why they all share obsession with feeding heroine? And birth control pills? So you have an affair with a stranger, and your only concern is pregnancy? What about STDs?
It would be three stars, as I quite enjoyed it and will read the second volume for sure, but FSOG inspirations knocks one star off.
Branded (Fall of Angels #1) - Keary Taylor I liked the premise of this book and it was free on Amazon. I still think this story had a lot of potential. I love the idea of scary angels. They are not bad, just terryfing and alien, which I find refreshing. But the book lacks something, the further I read the more I skimmed through.
And it’s not the romance I had problem with. It was actually quite cute, once Alex got through his creepy stalker phase. I kind of like Jessica too. My issue was with clues, left for reader . They were too obvious, too heavy handed. As a result the reader solves mystery way before the main character (think 30% of the book earlier) and just sits there impatient, trying to understand why Jessica is so thick (for reader’s sake, get a grip, woman! Black eyes! Doesn’t it ring a bell?) .
Will I pick the next instalment? No. Did I waste time, reading Branded? No.
Rok w Poziomce - Katarzyna Michalak ..
School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins
I really liked it. The story, if quite simple, is entertaining, characters likeable and lively. And while it’s an easy and quick read, I don’t regret reading it.
Despite it being a story about teenage monster hunter, there’s not so much supernatural in this book. It’s more a story of a girl who is trying to adapt to new town, new school and way of life. If You’re looking for a horror or really scary ghost story, this is not for you. I’m the biggest coward and I wasn’t scarred.
Izzy Brannick is memorable and when she gets past her tough phase, likeable. She is not afraid to take action, she thinks on her feet, and really cares. Sometimes I had trouble believing in her social awkwardness, if you have Internet, why learn social skills from DVD? Watch vlogs on Youtube!  But Izzy makes ordinary scenes, watching movie with a friend, eating out, seem charming and exceptional.
The supporting cast is also great, I really enjoyed reading scenes with Romy, bright bossy girl, and Anderson, who I think is the least developed character, but doesn’t feel cardboard. There’s a lot of effort put in the whole group, the way they interact with each other. Their reactions to the haunting are plausible.
And there’s Dexter.
Dex, who became my favorite character, with his outfits of purple and manner of speaking taken from historic movie.  He’s charming, reliable and chivalrous, despite his ill health. The romance between him and Izzy (because there must be romance) is very sweet and subtle and I really enjoyed reading about it. There’s no triangle and instalove, for which I am eternally grateful.
For a YA book we have an abundance of adults involved. Granted, they are all female, but I counted three parental figures! We have Izzy’s mother, Dex’s Nana and Romy’s mother. And they are all shown as caring and present.
Also, is a parent speaking “the google” some running joke? Because I’ve seen it before and still don’t get it. So Ash is more of a Giles research style, but I think a woman capable of tracking coven of witches, would be able to understand searching engine.
I liked the writing, Izzy’s voice seemed young and fresh, but she didn’t overuse slang. For me, that’s a plus, as I’m not English native speaker. I like how easy it was to tell characters apart just by reading their lines.
Now, I'm looking forward for next installment in the series and meanwhile, I will check Hex Hall.
Blue Bloods - Melissa  de la Cruz Interesting lore, but I don't understand why it had to be vampires. This story would be much better if instead of cliche, she would present us with some orginal concept.
Breaking Dawn - Stephenie Meyer The best thing about this book? The cover and Jacob's chapters titles. Otherwise, it's rather boring and too... wordy? Too many words are used to describe everything and there's no action.
Krwawy fiolet - Dia Reeves, Krystyna Chodorowska This book is like Tim Burton movie, fantastic, cruel and strange, but full of colours. While I don't really like any of the characters, I enjoyed their adventures immensly.
But towards the end I grew tired of them and their town. And while endinf provides closure, it fails to explain major things.
If the second book will be traslated in Polish, I will read it. But I'm not charmed enough to get it in English.
Changes (Dresden Files, Book 12) - Jim Butcher Not my favourite in Dresden Files series.
For some reason I just couldn't feel for Harry ans Susan.
Shadowhunters and Downworlders - Robin Wasserman, Sarah Cross, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine, Scott Tracey, Gwenda Bond, Kendare Blake, Michelle Hodkin, Kate Milford, Sarah Rees Brennan, Kami Garcia, Sara Ryan, Diana Peterfreund, Kelly Link Full review to come.
This was surprisingly good.
I'm not a fan of MI series, I managed to get through first volume, but this book make it sound so interesting I'm willing to have another go with Mortal Instruments.
Granted some essays are better then other ( I really enjoyed Kate Milford, Kami Garcia, Scott Tracey and Sarah Rees Brennan). Mostly because they reached out from the book to talk about something general. Those were solid pieces, that even people who are not fans of IM serie could enjoy.
Sadly, one that was most disappointing was the one by Sara Ryan about Malec. It lacked substance and felt... thin? Like there was not much to write about and Ryan needed to squeeze the the text like lemon. A pity, since I'm really enjoying gay couples in books and movies and am a sworn fan of Louis&Lestat. I even checked both links that were provided in the essay nad got the feeling it wasn't Ryan lack of skill. It was lack of research material.
This feeling nagged me after I read about 50% of the book. That there is not enough literature material to work with. Some points were repeated endlessly- Valentine as a parent, Simone as a Jewish vampire.
Also, most of these essay focus on characters' personal live and choices, not offering too much of insight into the world. Why there's no analysys of world politics and dynamics? Beliefs? The view this book gives id fragmented at best.
Still, maybe I want too much.
Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett, Stephen Briggs I have really hard time reading it, even though it's my favourite setting (Ankh-Morpork) and with Vetinari appearing quite often. Right now, I'm trying for the third time.
Deceptions - Laura Elliot I read Deceptions after a feast of YA novels, when I wanted a change of taste. Contemporary, Irish, about adults, so why not? I’m really happy I read it but at the same time, I feel oddly dissatisfied.
This is not a quick read, a book that you fly through and packed with action. Of course thing happens, and a lot of them, but Deceptions starts slowly. I read about 20% of it, and while I was enjoying it, I was not swept and had no problem with putting it down and going to sleep. But the more I read the more I enjoyed it, it’s full of heart catching moments and hard choices, and almost all characters were likeable. My favorite was Razor, with his passionate feelings and strong will, but others were also well portrayed and believable. The greatest let down was the most desired man in this book. I couldn’t see what made him so attractive, why would they all fight over him. He seemed like a leaf, floating aimlessly.
This book covers so many important topics: betrayal, divorce, starting over, parent-child relations, friendship, growing up, death. Quite impressing list. Most are handled expertly, emotional but not overly so. I liked how this book refused to put all the blame for cheating on one person and held them both responsible. But I still think, that killing the man off was an easy way out. I really wanted to see him suffer.
The structure of the book was something that annoyed me a bit. Just when I started to feel for Lorraine I was thrown into past and read about summers in Trabawn, when Lorraine was a child. The story follows her growing up, and just when pieces starts to come together and I understand dynamics between characters, I was returned to present time, with Killian story mixed into everything. Also, it sometimes follows one character and suddenly abandons it to chase another one.