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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
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Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett
Branded (Fall of Angels #1) - Keary Taylor I liked the premise of this book and it was free on Amazon. I still think this story had a lot of potential. I love the idea of scary angels. They are not bad, just terryfing and alien, which I find refreshing. But the book lacks something, the further I read the more I skimmed through.
And it’s not the romance I had problem with. It was actually quite cute, once Alex got through his creepy stalker phase. I kind of like Jessica too. My issue was with clues, left for reader . They were too obvious, too heavy handed. As a result the reader solves mystery way before the main character (think 30% of the book earlier) and just sits there impatient, trying to understand why Jessica is so thick (for reader’s sake, get a grip, woman! Black eyes! Doesn’t it ring a bell?) .
Will I pick the next instalment? No. Did I waste time, reading Branded? No.