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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
Abigail Anna Gibbs
Przeczytane:: 95/511 stron
Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett
Shadowhunters and Downworlders - Robin Wasserman, Sarah Cross, Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Rachel Caine, Scott Tracey, Gwenda Bond, Kendare Blake, Michelle Hodkin, Kate Milford, Sarah Rees Brennan, Kami Garcia, Sara Ryan, Diana Peterfreund, Kelly Link Full review to come.
This was surprisingly good.
I'm not a fan of MI series, I managed to get through first volume, but this book make it sound so interesting I'm willing to have another go with Mortal Instruments.
Granted some essays are better then other ( I really enjoyed Kate Milford, Kami Garcia, Scott Tracey and Sarah Rees Brennan). Mostly because they reached out from the book to talk about something general. Those were solid pieces, that even people who are not fans of IM serie could enjoy.
Sadly, one that was most disappointing was the one by Sara Ryan about Malec. It lacked substance and felt... thin? Like there was not much to write about and Ryan needed to squeeze the the text like lemon. A pity, since I'm really enjoying gay couples in books and movies and am a sworn fan of Louis&Lestat. I even checked both links that were provided in the essay nad got the feeling it wasn't Ryan lack of skill. It was lack of research material.
This feeling nagged me after I read about 50% of the book. That there is not enough literature material to work with. Some points were repeated endlessly- Valentine as a parent, Simone as a Jewish vampire.
Also, most of these essay focus on characters' personal live and choices, not offering too much of insight into the world. Why there's no analysys of world politics and dynamics? Beliefs? The view this book gives id fragmented at best.
Still, maybe I want too much.