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Deceptions - Laura Elliot I read Deceptions after a feast of YA novels, when I wanted a change of taste. Contemporary, Irish, about adults, so why not? I’m really happy I read it but at the same time, I feel oddly dissatisfied.
This is not a quick read, a book that you fly through and packed with action. Of course thing happens, and a lot of them, but Deceptions starts slowly. I read about 20% of it, and while I was enjoying it, I was not swept and had no problem with putting it down and going to sleep. But the more I read the more I enjoyed it, it’s full of heart catching moments and hard choices, and almost all characters were likeable. My favorite was Razor, with his passionate feelings and strong will, but others were also well portrayed and believable. The greatest let down was the most desired man in this book. I couldn’t see what made him so attractive, why would they all fight over him. He seemed like a leaf, floating aimlessly.
This book covers so many important topics: betrayal, divorce, starting over, parent-child relations, friendship, growing up, death. Quite impressing list. Most are handled expertly, emotional but not overly so. I liked how this book refused to put all the blame for cheating on one person and held them both responsible. But I still think, that killing the man off was an easy way out. I really wanted to see him suffer.
The structure of the book was something that annoyed me a bit. Just when I started to feel for Lorraine I was thrown into past and read about summers in Trabawn, when Lorraine was a child. The story follows her growing up, and just when pieces starts to come together and I understand dynamics between characters, I was returned to present time, with Killian story mixed into everything. Also, it sometimes follows one character and suddenly abandons it to chase another one.