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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
Abigail Anna Gibbs
Przeczytane:: 95/511 stron
Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett
School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins
I really liked it. The story, if quite simple, is entertaining, characters likeable and lively. And while it’s an easy and quick read, I don’t regret reading it.
Despite it being a story about teenage monster hunter, there’s not so much supernatural in this book. It’s more a story of a girl who is trying to adapt to new town, new school and way of life. If You’re looking for a horror or really scary ghost story, this is not for you. I’m the biggest coward and I wasn’t scarred.
Izzy Brannick is memorable and when she gets past her tough phase, likeable. She is not afraid to take action, she thinks on her feet, and really cares. Sometimes I had trouble believing in her social awkwardness, if you have Internet, why learn social skills from DVD? Watch vlogs on Youtube!  But Izzy makes ordinary scenes, watching movie with a friend, eating out, seem charming and exceptional.
The supporting cast is also great, I really enjoyed reading scenes with Romy, bright bossy girl, and Anderson, who I think is the least developed character, but doesn’t feel cardboard. There’s a lot of effort put in the whole group, the way they interact with each other. Their reactions to the haunting are plausible.
And there’s Dexter.
Dex, who became my favorite character, with his outfits of purple and manner of speaking taken from historic movie.  He’s charming, reliable and chivalrous, despite his ill health. The romance between him and Izzy (because there must be romance) is very sweet and subtle and I really enjoyed reading about it. There’s no triangle and instalove, for which I am eternally grateful.
For a YA book we have an abundance of adults involved. Granted, they are all female, but I counted three parental figures! We have Izzy’s mother, Dex’s Nana and Romy’s mother. And they are all shown as caring and present.
Also, is a parent speaking “the google” some running joke? Because I’ve seen it before and still don’t get it. So Ash is more of a Giles research style, but I think a woman capable of tracking coven of witches, would be able to understand searching engine.
I liked the writing, Izzy’s voice seemed young and fresh, but she didn’t overuse slang. For me, that’s a plus, as I’m not English native speaker. I like how easy it was to tell characters apart just by reading their lines.
Now, I'm looking forward for next installment in the series and meanwhile, I will check Hex Hall.