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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter For the first time, I marked my reading progress with GR, and that's the only reason I have finished this book. It felt like a school assignment.
I won't write about Greek Mythology issues nor the message this book conveys, they are well covered in number of reviews available here. I agree with most of them.
All I will say is this- tests based on Seven Deadly Sins are great if you are looking for sacrificial virgin. Not a goddess.
This book is badly written. Sometimes it looks like an advanced draft of a novel- characters are inconsistent in their behavior, the way Kate morphed from strong willed girl into meek maiden is just... unbelievable. And somehow the plot went missing.
It doesn't mean I haven't figured out who the villain was. That was simple. But the Authoress gives no clue and main character isn't even involved in solving the mystery. And, as the book is written from Kate's perspective, the reader is also left in the dark. That spoiled fun to me, I can tell you. Or maybe I'm wrong and I should be happy with descriptions of empty days?
The only shining point in this book, was Demeter. Every time I was bored enough to put down The Goddess Test, she shown up and my interest sparkled again. And only he behavior was somewhat consistent with Greek Goddess Character. At least, she was the only one capable of intrigue and making and executing the scheme.
I didn't enjoy this book. It was boring. There was no memorable line, no witty remark, no great scenes. There are gods. Monsters. Balls. Budding love. Betrayal. And it is all flat.
I won't buy second volume. I want books to entertain me. The Goddess test fail miserably.