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Everneath - Brodi Ashton Either the YA fiction is getting better and better, or I’m making the right choices, but recently it’s hard to come across a bad book.
Ashton Brodi’s novel is the best mythology based book I’ve read so far in YA genre. There are memorable characters, interesting conflict and quite well executed plot. I like how Authoress uses flashbacks to explain things and build tension. I just kept turning pages, curious what would happen next and I finished the book in one day.
Nikki, also known as Becks, is quite likeable although from time to time got on my nerves. I cared about her problems and choices and I hoped everything would turn out fine. Sometimes she made me mad, of course, but Nikki evolves as the book progresses and that’s a big plus. I love character building, or in this case rebuilding.
I grant another star for family situation. I’m sick of one parent not present+ one parent present but aloof+ older sibling with mystery. I like when author think them important enough to think what parents are doing for living. So Becks father is a politician and runs for town’s mayor. Her little brother has a hobby.
What would be a YA novel without classic love triangle? In Everneath case, it’s the ordinary guy that wins. Alright, so Jack is a quarterback, but what is it comparing to everliving Cole? But Jack is likeable and is a hero, without being a nuance. And I usually don’t like good guys.
There was a moment when the lot came to a halt. Apparently Nikki tried to improve her relationship with family during this time, but it was nether entertaining nor interesting. Not sure why she was made a weeping willow but fortunately it didn’t last. The ending, while predictable, is emotional and entertaining.
The writing was good, not sophisticated but didn’t feel like a school assignment either. I didn’t memories any phrases but there was no awkward line.
It’s a decent book, good as an easy read during vacation or way to school/work.