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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
Abigail Anna Gibbs
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Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett
The Homecoming Masquerade - Spencer Baum After reading the whole sample avaible at kindle store, I decided I don't want to read the whole book.
I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either. None of the characters seems interesting, and frankly I was put off how the supposed elite acted. The Kim&Nicky word duel was so juvenile, I rolled my eyes.
The author is trying to introduce something new to the genre, which is good, but he overdid it. The whole sample was speculation about who would do what. I prefer showing instead of telling.
Also, some details like Victorian dances and Jill's totaly unsuitable for minuet dress, made me put it down.