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Mroczna Bohaterka. Kolacja z wampirem
Abigail Anna Gibbs
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Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
David Barnett
UnEnchanted (An Unfortunate Fairy Tale, #1) - Chanda Hahn O dear, how this book needs editing!
I even thought that I got the pre-edited version from Amazon and followed the Authoress' link to the edited copy but it turns out I've had the edited one. Missing words, comas, paragaphs that made no sense...
I will quote just one:
This was one of the tales that had secretly haunted Sara as a child. When her greandmother read her the story as a child, she'd wake up with nightmares about a wof attacking her in bed. And now here she was, sixteen years later on the day of her daughter's birthday...."(84% on KIndle). Let me add that the daughter Mina is now sixteen. So eihter Sara's granmother read her fairy tales when Sara was an adult or she had given birth to her daughter as a child.
When a non-English speaker feels the urge to correct Your book, something's off.
Some scenes sounded like a draft, not a finished thing. Awkward dialogues, changes in characterization... sometimes it was hard to read.
It makes me angry because I think the idea is awesome and this could be such a wonderful book. I love fairytales retelling and this one sounded fun and unique. The relationship between Mina and Brody sounded true, even with instalove on one side(which the other side treats with due disbelief and concern).
I have to say that the writing grows better in second half, but the editing is worse.

Still, since I saw the progress I will pick the second volume.