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Business As Usual: A Tor.Com Original
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Entangled (Spellbound #1) - Nikki Jefford Got it from Netgalley in exchange for honest review

Let me start with saying that this is one of the best edited self-pubs I’ve seen. The Authoress clearly wanted to give readers the best product possible- it’s revised, edited.
Despite it’s serious topic, Entangled is an easy and quick read, great for long journey or lazy weekend. It’s fast paced, so boredom is out of question and the story is really interesting. Nikki Jefford managed to write a story about adolescent witches and warlocks that doesn’t feel like Harry Potter influenced. As much as I love Harry, he’s the one and only. Magic in this book is modern, no wands, brooms etc. but still fun.
Wish there was more world building, but what is shown is quite interesting. Magicaly inclined people are not separated from ordinary community, they live among them. There’s a code of honour they should adhere to, but we are not shown any details how it works. The worst punishment we hear of is having one’s power blocked.
Unfortunately, the Entangled is not without faults. Characters and their reaction were unbelievable, for the most part. I have most problems with twins’ mother- she was so passive and thoughtless. She brought Greylee back and then let her daughters figure everything out. She didn’t try to stop or reason with Charlene, she couldn’t prevent her from throwing all Grey’s clothes. Where’s your parent’s authority?
After reading Entangled I’m sure every single witch and warlock are mentally unstable. My judgment is based on character’s erratic behavior. Why did Raj and Grey kiss? Why did Nolan betray Grey? Why did Charlene murder her sister? Why did Raj mother leave him? Ok, with Charlene we have a lot of proves of her being insane. But the rest? It prevented me from rooting for Greylee or any other character.
Still, I enjoyed this book and I will try to get my hands on second and third volume of Greylee story.